• Taking Care of Your Human

Hey there, you need a bedtime

Yes, your human needs a bedtime. A consistent bedtime. Remember long long ago when you you were nestled in a bed and mom tucked you in? She told you lights out that it was time to sleep. Perhaps she read you a story beforehand (man, those were the days! I vividly remember my mom reading The Plant that Ate Dirty Socks.). It was a routine. There was structure. AND, you probably actually 1. Got sleep, 2. Got good sleep, and 3. Woke rested. Amazing. What a life!

You need that back. It’s called ‘parenting yourself’. No matter what age we are, we have to learn to parent ourselves.

So in this case, your human needs a bedtime. Not a once in a while bedtime. An actual daily bedtime and wake time. Your body needs to follow the natural ebbs and flows of nature. It has a circadian rhythm that influences your wakefulness and subsequent cortisol output. This hormone in turn influences your immune system, energy levels, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure, and about a zillion (exact number) other things.

If you want your human to be happier, more energetic, healthier, and functioning optimally. You need SLEEP. Actual good quality sleep.

So, decide when you need to go to sleep and when you should wake up. No, 5 hours is not enough. Neither is 6. If you feel GREAT at 7, we’ll take it. But if your happy place is 9 hours? You just gotta make that happen. Stop watching TV (you really don’t need to know what happens on that show anyway) and get to bed.

Sometimes, taking care of your human entails some tough love realities.

So set your alarm for wake up, your body will start to adjust.

Get that blue light filter on your computer. It’ll help, promise.

Get yourself some blackout curtains or a kickass sleep mask to block out all the light for better sleep. (The research on light in the bedroom and it’s repercussions is crazy!)

Be at peace, anything you possibly could be worrying about you cannot do anything about at bedtime. Seriously. Put that away.

Do some deep breathing or meditation, or whatever you gotta do to get snuggled in.

Good work. Human happy.

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